We are suppyling competitive products throghtout diverse korean manufacture that all ferrous and non-ferrous products as raw material (hot & cold rolled steel, various galvanized steel,PCM(color), stainless steel in coil and sheet even other items including over-rolled & secondary.

Galvanied coil/sheet

Hot dip galvanized steel sheet(GI) are produced by passing the full hard sheet which has undergone the add washing process and rolling process through the zinc pot there by applying zinc film to the surface. GI has a thicker galvanized layer which has excellent anti-corrosion qualities and is the type of steel sheet used most commonly.
- Hot-dip Galvanized coil/sheet (HGI)
- Cold Rolled Galvanized coil/sheet (CGI)
- Electrolytic Galvanized coil/sheet (EGI)
- Galvalum(GL)
- Galvannealed steel coil/sheet (GA)